First Post/Welcome

My name is Lasciel. This is a blog about asexuality. When I went in search of asexual blogs and sites, I found very little. What I did find was very good, but difficult to find and there just isn’t much out there.

So I figured, despite my lack of charm and writing talents, that I would write about asexuality in the hopes that it could be of use to someone, somewhere. If only so some ace out there will read it and say, “Gosh, this Lasciel person is a horrible writer-I could do a better job!” and thus increase the amount of ace-focused blogs 🙂

I do not assume that I am always correct. I am a relatively young person with a lot to learn still. But I will not hold back my opinions, at the very least, I wish to have them disproved or learn from differing arguments to better myself.

As for the name of this blog… I am an ace, and I’m quite of fond of baking, as well as gothic lolita fashion.


About Lasciel

Out, out, brief candle!
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2 Responses to First Post/Welcome

  1. Breaker says:

    Hey there,
    I’ve only just found you, and I’m going to subscribe. You post up your opinions with thorough thought and consideration and I appreciate it.
    I’ve long thought I was trans but never quite came out, became depressed, somehow pulled myself together and convinced myself that being a guy’s a good idea (genetic male) for a while. I’ve somehow confused myself on what I am now. I’m refraining from trying to build up romantic/sexual relationships because I don’t know what I am, but it’s easier to describe myself as asexual to people who I’m close to (sorry, I know it isn’t something I should be doing.). I’ll be using “queer” from now on.
    I attached my new blog because there’s an option to add it, but it’s not all that great and I’m not sure how often I’d actually post.


    • Lasciel says:

      Hello, glad my writing didn’t scare you off. :]

      One thing I’ve found is that for many people, we will just never fit 100% in with any descriptive or state of being. There are so many different ways of being. If you feel like ‘asexual’ is the descriptor that fits you best at the moment, I can’t see any objections to you using it. Some people think sexual orientation is fluid and changing, others think it’s set at birth, and I’m one of those who sees no reason it can’t be both of those, with it being different for different people.

      Same with gender; some of us may not always have the same one. I hope the prospect of being ‘out’ or living as the gender you are won’t interfere with your discovery of your gender. I am not out to most people in my offline life (mostly because I know the bigoted response I would get) but I have found that even keeping the knowledge secret; having that knowledge of my true gender is a great comfort to me.

      I’ve subscribed back 🙂 that means you’ll definitely have to post often now. I hope you find the answers you’re searching for; I think writing is a great way to do that.

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