In Which I am Amused; also, puppets

It all started when I came across a self-identified LGBTQ ally on tumblr decrying the possible marriage of Bert & Ernie… [TW for heterosexism and stereotyping asexuals]

“I am all for gay rights, equality, and teaching children tolerance & acceptance. But to impose gay activism on a 3 year old child who doesn’t understand it is ridiculous. is petitioning for Bert and Ernie to not only come out on Sesame Street, but also get married on the show. Are you serious? They’re cartoons. They’re friggin’ puppets. They don’t need a sexual identity. ” snipsnip “Can’t these innocent characters remain innocent and asexual?”

Ok, that cracked me up because, have you ever met any asexuals? Sure, some may be the pure, innocent type, but all too many of those “innocent” asexuals are responsible for some of the truly filthiest jokes that have ever reached my innocent asexual ears. Not to mention the slashfic… oh don’t even remind me. Maybe I just hang around particularly lewd asexuals, but if Bert & Ernie are truly asexual, gosh, I’m not sure we should let them be shown on TV. I’m worried about the impact they could have on my future clone-children… 🙂

why do we have to randomly and forcefully turn bert and ernie gay ? the characters on this show are asexual, they dont display sexuality. Because at 5 years old, you don’t know nor do you care about what sexual identity even is, nor do you expect your characters to.

Now sadly, this paragraph leads me to believe that the poster was not in fact identifying Bert and Ernie as characters with an actual orientation that is asexuality of some variety. Rather, they are simply using the term “asexual” to mean ignorant of sexual/carnal knowledge and childlike.

And that’s disturbing, not funny. Because while not all of us have an appreciation of sex/sexuality in any form; very few of us are ignorant of sexual knowledge. It’s not even easy to find about asexuality as an actual orientation; most people that found AVEN or the asexual identity were actively searching for an identity, a solution that fit them. When you don’t fit in with society, and that society is telling you there is something actually wrong with your attitude towards sex, you don’t remain ignorant of anything for very long. You go looking for answers, for reasons, and you learn a lot about sexuality and related areas.

We are not pre-sexual people or ignorant of sex; we will not ‘grow up’ someday and become sexual. We are adults, some less or more ‘pure’ by the standards society has set.

Now, since this post has had to talk about the gross conflation of innocence & sexual ignorance with asexuality; we deserve some fun:

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1 Response to In Which I am Amused; also, puppets

  1. jimhabegger says:

    I voted other. We won’t know what kind of a relationship they have until they tell us.

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