This Blog is No Longer About Asexuality

Once upon a time I wrote a manifesto on why I think the character, Clarissa Oakes, from the popular Aubrey-Maturin series, is an an example of an asexual female character . Since then, I have noticed in my blog stats people coming here looking for non-asexuality related information about Clarissa, Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin slash, and all sorts of Aubrey-Maturin facts.

Upon studying my blog data, it has come to be that the Aubrey-Maturin series actually generates as many hits as such popular terms as “asexuality” and “demisexuality”. This is significant because, I have written 20+ articles here about asexuality, and I have written only one article on the Aubrey-Maturin series. What kind of increased audience would I find, were I to write 20 Aubrey-Maturin posts?

As such, I can only conclude that there is a larger audience out there for my Aubrey-Maturin thoughts and analysis, than for my asexuality thoughts and analysis. Therefore, it is more cost-time-effective for me to begin blogging solely about my Aubrey-Maturin viewpoints.

Hopefully, dear followers, you are also fans of this excellent series and will remain following my blog for all my insightful insights into the curious relationships aboard H.M.S Surprise.

Yes, this is an April Fool’s Post. I’m sure that was  obvious, but given how often it hasn’t been obvious to me before (I don’t usually keep up on dates) I thought I’d spare a few people like myself 😛 What isn’t an April Fool’s, however, is what I said about the Aubrey-Maturin readership of this blog rivalling the asexuality-readership on this blog. That’s kind of disheartening.




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3 Responses to This Blog is No Longer About Asexuality

  1. Lindsay says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised, or disheartened, by that! People love to read things about their fandom, even if it’s just one essay on a blog they otherwise wouldn’t have found.

    (My own blog is, like, six years old, and is full of posts about autism, neuroscience, psychology and the odd bit of genetics/molecular biology, literary criticism, feminism, pop culture and original artworks. Two of the top five posts in terms of popularity? That’s right, they’re fluff posts about Marvel comics! And I even syndicate my science posts, too boost *that* audience.)

    Also, Aubrey/Maturin rocks! I only got about halfway through the series, because I left for college when I was in the middle of The Nutmeg of Consolation. (Hilarious, bizarre title!) Don’t know how much there is written about them on the Internet, but I’d expect the pickings are slimmer there than for a lot of other fandoms.

    • I’m not too put out by it (I’m kind of bemused, really), after all, I love Aubrey-Maturin! It makes me happy that people want to read what I have to say about it. I just fear they’re in for a disappointment, since it’s all from such an ace perspective, and not a super-fannish one.

      Yeah, I’m not done with the series either (I think I stopped around The Wine Dark Sea. I think I love all the titles for it, most of them are either clever or poetic. The pickings are slim, it being a book fandom, but I was surprised by how much there actually is. As far as book fandoms go, it’s one of the bigger/better ones. I think it’s because it kind of falls into the general “Age of Sail” fandom, where people are into all the well-known sea series, Horatio Hornblower, Temeraire, stuff like that. Variety helps keep people active.

      I’ll have to check your blog out (though I admit I will be hitting up the Marvel posts too, lol). It’s funny how that is. At least people aren’t coming to our blogs for porn, which is what I remember one ace blogger saying they gets a lot of lol.

  2. Johna414 says:

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