This blog is done

It’s a complete work.  I won’t be updating here anymore. I do plan on leaving this blog up though, with all its posts up as well, since I know many people were kind enough to link to these posts or even cite them in works.

I just feel more at easy blogging elsewhere, under a different name and url. For one thing, I have a different focus (less on asexuality re: social justice) toward lighter topics, and also because everything about this blog reminds me of a time in my life I’d rather put behind me.

I would really prefer though, that if anyone chooses to follow me elsewhere, that they don’t refer to me with the url, title, or usernames I used here, to better make a clean break/fresh start. I feel like an entirely different person.\


About Lasciel

Out, out, brief candle!
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One Response to This blog is done

  1. Jim says:

    Please, please, let me know where I can follow you now! Yahoo mail, geotalk. If you want to know anything about me first, see my blog at, and/or my Facebook timeline (jim.habegger).

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