I’m just your average panromantic asexual on the ‘net, trying to increase asexual visibility. I’m neutrois, and my preferred pronouns are “they, their, them,”. As for honorifics, the correct one for me is Mx.

My hobbies are baking (yes, I made those cupcakes in the banner :P), drawing crummy pictures, writing, and studying (linguistics, biology, Spanish & Japanese, environmental issues)

4 Responses to About

  1. whatgaymeans says:

    Hi there,

    Wonderful blog! Very sharp and witty and smart. Please keep writing–I’ll definitely keep reading.

    On a different note, blog like yours have inspired me to attempt to create a blog which will allow the LGBTQA(etc.) community to tell their stories of hardship and triumph (whatgaymeans.wordpress.com). I remember what it was like to be young and closeted and gay and feeling so, so alone, and I thought a blog of stories might be a sort of light in the dark. I’ve already added a few of my own, but I was wondering if you’d mind contributing one or two? It can be an old blog post or a new story or anything–whatever you think might be helpful to kids and teens out there who are struggling with their identity and need a little advice or optimism.

    If you’re willing, please email me at whatgaymeans@gmail.com. Thanks so much!


  2. Lisa Harmer says:

    Asexual Cupcake. Just wondering if you might be interested in doing an article for a women’s magazine? I have a feeling I may have interviewed you before but couldn’t find your details so am leaving this message. Please email me if you’re interested in chatting. Thanks.

    • Hi Lisa, I would be very interested in learning more about what you have in mind. I’ve never been interviewed before so I think you must be thinking of some other ace. I’m afraid you haven’t provided an email here but if you’d like me to get an touch, if you leave an email I can reach you at I will.

  3. Lisa Harmer says:

    Hi, so sorry it’s lisaharmer@outlook.com. Any chance you could email today? I have a magazine that’s very interested in chatting. Thanks xx

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