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Why We Need to Be Asexin’ It Up Between the Pages

I have always thought that one of the most important goals for asexuals is to become proportionately represented in the media. On an average day in America, for those ages 15 and up, 2.8 hours a day will be spent … Continue reading

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Gender, Queerness, Trauma, and Disability: The Unfortunate Topics Rendered Off-Limits Due to Stereotypes and Ignorance

[Trigger warnings: short discussion of rape/sexual abuse in 4th-last paragraph; it will have an individual TW where it begins/ends as well. Post contains discussion of stereotyping and anti-asexuality.] So the Asexual Community Census 2011 has been finished! I for one … Continue reading

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It’s Cold Out Here in the Rain

Why do some asexuals want the label “queer” for themselves in the first place? Well there are so, so many possible reasons and motivations for that that if I tried to examine them all I’d be here all night (you … Continue reading

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